Bearing Control System


Bearings are central parts of nearly all machines in automotive industry and manufacturing machines. It is very important to achive outstanding manufacturing quality and to reduce harmful factors that influence the products and the process themselves. Bearing defects are a major reason for poor quality and of embarrassment for manufacturers. Inspection processes done on these industries are mostly manual and time consuming. To reduce error on identifying bearing defects requires more automotive and accurate inspection process.All steel industries aim to produce various competitive steel products. The competition enhancement depends mainly on productivity and quality of the steel produced by each industry. In this sector, there have been an enlarge amount of losses due to defective products. Most defects arising in the production process are still detected by human inspection. The work of inspectors is very tedious and time consuming. The identification rate is about 70%.In addition, the effectiveness of visual inspection decreases quickly with fatigue.


As the technological progress is happening the products are now extensively made using steel material which needs to be ultra light weight and modular in nature steel components like bearing. Therefore we suggest a fully robust system taking advantage of image processing techniques, must be explored to build an economical solution to provide Total Quality Management in manufacturing units which would allow an eco-system of continuous monitoring and improvement there by reducing the cost.
Optonom RVIS-102 model Optical visual Inspection system has been developed as a result of long R&D activities to meet the needs of bearings production lines quality control in factories and production facilities.

RVIS-102 Bearing Control System Technical Specifications
ControlComputer Controled
SoftwareOptonom OD-201RVIS-102 Software
Temperature Range0°C 60°C
Measurement TypeOptical Non-Contact
Measurement Precision10μm

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