Machine Vision Control


Machine vision (MV) is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance in industry. The scope of MV is broad.MV is related to, though distinct from, computer vision.


The primary uses for machine vision are automatic inspection and industrial robot guidance. Other machine vision applications include:
Automated Train Examiner (ATEx) Systems
Automatic PCB inspection
Wood quality inspection
Final inspection of sub-assemblies
Engine part inspection
Label inspection on products
Checking medical devices for defects
Final inspection cells
Robot guidance and checking orientation of components
Packaging Inspection
Medical vial inspection
Food pack checks
Verifying engineered components[4]
Wafer Dicing
Reading of Serial Numbers
Inspection of Saw Blades
Inspection of Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
Surface Inspection
Measuring of Spark Plugs
Molding Flash Detection
Inspection of Punched Sheets
3D Plane Reconstruction with Stereo
Pose Verification of Resistors
Classification of Non-Woven Fabrics


OPTONOM applies its core competencies in sensing and control technologies through a variety of operations on a global scale. We at OPTONOM support our customers' innovations in the art of making things by providing high-quality control components along with OPTONOM's sensing and control technologies.
All people who are engaged in advancing the way products are created, regardless of their industry, department, or work category are potentially OPTONOM customers. Also, the idea of innovating product creation is not limited to the production floor. Under the concept of "Production," which includes R&D, shipping, and after-sales support, we strive to support every stage of the process with our problem-solving and technical innovation.
OPTONOM follows the OPTONOM Corporation's theory and corporate principles to help our customers realize innovation in the art of making things in the industrial automation domain. In addition to working with our customers to explore new possibilities and bring form to ideas, we hold a strong desire to help each customer "innovate their product creation." This is our identity, and our promise to the customer. Guided by the message embodied in the word "realizing," each one of us will continue to innovate our own thoughts and actions.


1) Photovoltaic Solar Panel Cracks and Defects Detection System

2) Bottle Caps Control System

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