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By the support of Izmir Institute of Technology Technopark and Technology Ministary capital Optonom was established in Izmir. Turkish Electrical and Electronics and Services Exporters Association made the fifth of TET Research and Development projects market competition, " Optoelectronic Dilatometer " won the third prize with the project that analyses physical changes and expansion in high and low temperature properties of specimens examined newly developed optical dilatometer can be detected in real time as the optical image analysis method with high sensitivity.4th of ideas made Metallic Project Competition "Optical Dilatometer" We participate with our project. 2nd we participated in the R & D Industry Academy meeting.

We participate 4th Metallic Ideas Competition with our project "Optical Dilatometer".

We have participated 2nd R & D Industry Academy meeting in Kayseri.

“Science Unites All” is horizon 2020 Programme of the European Researchers Night Project, coordinated by Yasar University on September 30, 2016.Organization was held on Yasar University Selçuk Yaşar Campus in Bornova İzmir.
We attended as Optonom Scientific Instruments and promoted our products and services.

Media News

A news about optical dilatometer is published on one of the popular newspaper which name is Sub-industry and Supplier Newspaper SUBCONTURKEY.