Optonom Scientific Instruments company supports both the design of lighting products and the feasibility studies for production by extracting the simulations of the designed models. A virtual prototype can be created to determine whether a product that is optically designed is ready for production. By means of optical analysis method, lighting products are simulated and it is determined for prediction of the design should be changed for production.

This analysis work is carried out within the company of Optonom Scientific with the assistance of TracePro lighting / optical design software. TracePro is a 3D interactive visual prototyping environment to accelerate design experiments, efficently reduce prototyping costs and deliver a better product to the marketplace, instead of prototyping with a common trial and error method that takes time in the production process. Feasibility study designed to determine if production is appropriate and saves time and money. The optical properties are determined by performing analysis and changing some criteria for production. Working in cooperation with the manufacturer, the design is completed to make the product ready for the molding process. The light analysis method provides standard physical prototyping to avoid the costs that may arise in the pre-production level.

The design can be analyzed and harmonized with other applications such as Optis, Speos, Zemax, Lighttools, Lucidshape

With optimization, accurate geometry, light distribution, light intensity settings, homogeneous distribution of light, summarized light properties can be analyzed and optimized. Beam tracking and beam analysis are performed. It is possible to design original lighting not only for ready-made models but also for a created object. For example, a model drawn in SolidWorks can be analyzed in terms of radiation and illumination by Optonom’s optical design team. Technical support is provided by experts such as physicists and physics engineers.

Optonom Optical Design Service
In house, it is possible to design any desired optical system according to the specifications. An example of the original product is the design of different LEDs with varying color temperatures throughout the day. New products and new model designs will also shorten the production cycle and reduce production errors. In general, it is possible to design and provide support in the following areas:

• Reflector Design
• LED Lighting Design
• LED Panel and Projector Design
• Lens Design
• Contact Lens Design Fiber Lighting
• TV Backlight Design
• 2D-3D Optimization
• Light Pipe Design
• Illumination Design in Biomedical Applications
• Stray Light Analysis
• Spot Lighting
• Solar Lighting
• Automotive Interior and Exterior Lighting
• Military Optical Hardware Design

Optic is a science that scans the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, called light, called ultraviolet (100-400nm), visible (400-700nm) and infrared (750nm - 1mm). All tools, devices and devices made to give direction and shape to this field light are described as optical system. They are best known for a myriad of examples of cameras, telescopes, handhelds, lighting systems, reflectors, binoculars, headlamps, periscopes, microscopes, projectors, camcorders, In order to be able to design such a system, it is necessary to have knowledge about optical design as well as basic physics and optics knowledge. In addition, today, TracePro is highly sophisticated computer software to help designers.

Optimization is the process by which a design is improved by changing the values of a set of parameters (called variables) such that the value of a merit function is reduced, or ideally, driven to zero. The process requires definition of performance criteria via the merit function and effective variables to achieve this goal. This article provides a recommended approach for the optimization specifically of non-sequential optical systems.

The firm Optonom Scientific Instruments provides ability to conduct optical projects professionally for national and international companies, institutions or individuals by design, engineering and manufacturing are provided with consultancy services.
Being representative of TracePro, OSLO and RayViz software carries out by our company in Turkey. Particularly Optonom is active working on designing original new reflectors for the LED lighting sector. TracePro is an award-winning opto-mechanical program for design, analysis and optimization of optical and lighting systems. TracePro offers impressive and powerful optical design capabilities to speed up product-time-market components with Easy-to-use CAD interface and powerful optimizer software.