Sill Optics


Sill Optics is one of our solution partner for laser optics. The production of Sill Optics includes a wide range of lenses and complete systems for the following branches: Laser and photonics, machine vision and optical measurement, illumination, and medical Technology
Volume production starting from 10 items
Quality standard according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
MRF technologyAR-coating
In-house optical computations and CAD construction

Advantages of Telecentric F-theta Lenses
Telecentric ƒ-theta lenses provide a beam with perpendicular incidence onto the image surface. This is necessary for drilling holes and structuring surfaces in the third dimension (depth). The downside is generally a smaller focal plane compared to a non-telecentric lens, because the size of the frontal lens elements has to be larger than the scan area. Sill offers for both kinds of ƒ-theta lenses a large variety of options and focal distances.

Optical glasses vs. Fused silica
Short pulse lasers and ultra-short pulse lasers, but also lasers with high average power issue a exceptional challenge for lenses. Processed are strongly influenced by the characteristics of regular optical glasses. For instance thermal effects change both the beam shape and the working distance. At this point fused silica presents its crucial advantage by lower sensitivity to thermal effects in comparison to optical glasses and is therefore highly recommended for the use with the named laser sources above.