Ultra Narrow Beam TIR Lens


Properties of Ultra Narrow Beam TIR Lens
General Properties:
• Lens material : Optical Grade PMMA
• FWHM = 4 degrees for 1 mm2 chip area LEDs
• CBCP (Center Beam Candle Power) = 150 cd/lm
• Smallest Shape Factor (Lens Diameter × FWHM / Chip Size)

Areas of Usage
• Punch Beam;
• Spot light;
• Entertainment lighting;
• Architectural lighting;
• Wall washer;
• Stage lighting;
• Decorative lighting;
• Shop windows, halls & entrances;
• Flashlights
• Bicycle lights
• Headlamps

Other Properties of Optonom's Ultra Narrow Beam TIR Lenses
Optonom Scientific aims to deliver its customers the best in LED lens, products and technologies that far surpass the traditional ones. Continuous Innovation together with High Project Potential are essential key points allowing Optonom Scientific to be always on the leading edge of product innovation. Always in this spirit , Optonom Scientific is proud to introduce the newest series of Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lenses able to perform an exceptional sharp and tight 5° Angle Beam. The Ultra Narrow Lenses from Optonom Scientific are TIR (Total Internal Reflection) high efficiency lenses designed for use with the most popular existing LEDs references of latest generation. The high flux density and high emitting potential produced by these LEDs require cutting-edge lenses able to deliver superior beam control.

Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lenses collimate the light coming from the LED source into a perfect ultra narrow beam that maximizes the usable lumens in the target area. Also, provide the best solution for many new lighting applications requiring an enhanced focal depth. These newest optics project a smooth light beam of uniform intensity that minimizes glare and maximizes the lighting efficiency, making them ideally suited to any application where a high efficient Punch Beam is requested.

The Ultra Narrow Lenses from Optonom Scientific are THE SOLUTION for your applications requiring an ultra narrow punch beam. Unavailable on the market up to now, Optonom Scientific is now delivering the unique 5° Angle Beam Lens, the tightest beam of light performed by a secondary optic for SSL applications. Excellent optics able to sharply define the spot of light coming from the LED source. Ulatra Narrow Beam series of optics is currently available in diameter of 35.0mmØ. The mounting onto the LED is easy and immediate: 3 pins on the lens bottom allow a precise and robust mounting.

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