Light Guide Optical Design


Light Guide and Light Pipe Optical Design
Optonom assist you to realize your project related to optical light pipe needs from design until prototype and mass production. Light guide is an optical fiber or a solid transparent plastic rod for transmitting light lengthwise Light pipes are clear tubes that transmit light from a light source, such as an LED to a user interface. Designed to carry light short distances with high efficiency, light pipes can bend light around corners and tight spaces delivering excellent visual indication with minimal loss of light intensity.

Advantages of Light Guide Technology
Design: thinness of the product, fits in tight spaces, efficient
Performance: uniformly lit appearance
Cost: cost savings in energy consumption.


Polycarbonate vs PMMA Light Guides
Compared to polycarbonate, acrylic is hands down more superior when it comes to optical properties. It’s easy to mold, naturally UV stable for indoor use and transmits light better than any plastic material available. So why wouldn’t you always use acrylic as your go-to light pipe materials? There may be instances where you need a more durable light pipe that still performs well, but also provides more resistance to heat. That’s where polycarbonate comes in.

Light Guide and Light Pipe
Light guides are used to distribute light from the source to a particular area that requires illumination. They are made up of a transparent material (glass or plastic) and thin filaments and are capable of transmitting light signals though internal reflections.

Light pipe technology utilizes clear plastic tubes that transmit light from a light source. There are two basic styles of LED light pipes – rigid and flexible - and both are capable of redirecting light with minimal loss of concentration.

A light guide uses the mechanism of reflection caused by two materials with a different refractive index. It transports light from one location to another, by using total internal reflection of light at the boundary to the surrounding medium. Light guides are also able to take the focused light from an LED and spread it evenly and change its shape or distribution to achieve a desired end result. This can be seen with illumination of logos, overlays, or other large areas.

The firm Optonom Scientific Instruments provides ability to conduct optical projects professionally for national and international companies, institutions or individuals by design, engineering and manufacturing are provided with consultancy services. Being representative of TracePro, OSLO and RayViz software is creating big difference for technical knowledge. Particularly Optonom is active working on designing innovative light guides for the LED lighting sector.

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